A very warm welcome to an idea that has just materialized!  I have always dreamed of a ministerial institution that will serve as the main training center for the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements, with a unique emphasis on the five-fold “giftings” of Jesus Christ.  I am extremely excited that God has used me to birth this same desire.

Ultimate Ministerial Academy (UMA) offers a life-transforming academic exposure to individuals who are called by God to lead His Church in the end-time.  The institution is committed to changing the prevalent mentality that seems to suggest a dichotomy between the Anointing and the Academia. We have assembled highly qualified and seasoned faculty, and put together a well-structured curriculum, for the purpose of transforming church leaders who are responsible for the eternal destinies of the people of God.

The leadership of UMA further seeks to: promote Bible-based theological reasoning; provide training that is based on the specific calling of individuals; and polish the skills of those who preach, teach, evangelize, prophesy, and heal.  That is why UMA upholds the slogan EDUCATING MINDS FOR EFFECTIVE MINISTRY.

So join us at UMA as we transform ministerial training in the Church of Jesus Christ in this end time! Your life, your ministry, and your influence will never be the same.  God bless you!

Prophet Dr. Akwesi Agyemang Prempeh