Ultimate Ministerial Academy exists as a charismatic institution of higher learning where the Bible is central in preparing men and women for the purpose of end-time Kingdom Ministry.  UMA seeks to create an environment where ministers understand their area of calling and receives specialized ministerial training to enable them function strategically.


Ultimate Ministerial Academy seeks to become a leading Charismatic Bible College and a Unique Center for the raising of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers through Strategic, Systematic, Sound, and Specialized Biblical Training that will make it exclusive in the world of ecclesiastical academia.


To offer Holistic, Christ-Centered, Ministry-Oriented Seminary Training that is rooted in Charismatic tradition:

Holistic Tutoring: To provide tuition that will make learners approved unto God, workmen who need not be ashamed; rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

Christ-Centred Teaching: To offer seminary education that places Jesus Christ at the centre of the learning process.

Ministry-Oriented Training: To equip learners with specialized ministry skills that will make them identify their role in the five-fold Ministry.

Commitment to Christian Values: To equip learners to be Christ-like examples to the Believers in Word, in Conduct, in Spirit, in Faith, and in Purity.