COURSE CODES: The 5-digit alphanumeric code assigned to each course is explained as follows:

  • The two initial letters represent the field of study; BS for Biblical Studies
  • The 1st numerical digit is for the Year of Course Offering
  • The 2nd numerical digit is for the Term in which the Course is offered
  • The 3rd numerical digit represent the Credit Hours for the Course

The Courses under Charismatic Studies are basically Seminar Courses, and for that matter do not have any special Codes.


BS 113      Old Testament Survey

BS 123      New Testament Survey

BS 113      The Gospels

BS 123      Book of Acts

BS 123      Pentateuch

BS 213      Historical Books

BS 223      Biblical Hermeneutics

BS 234      Biblical Hebrew Grammar I

BS 214      N. T. Greek Grammar I

BS 224      N. T. Greek Grammar II

BS 233      Book of Revelation

BS 223      Prophetic Books

BS 233      Poetical Books

BS 223      General Epistles

BS 232      Prophets & Prophetism